This option will suit your business if you sell products or services that are purchased “regularly” by your clients or customers


This FFL option suits businesses that have a “regular purchase pattern,” where customer or clients buy the products or services on a regular basis.

This could be an offline or online business – it is the most appropriate FFL version for businesses that have customers or clients purchasing goods or services on a regular basis.

Examples of suitable businesses are newsagencies, butcheries, bakeries, restaurants, hair salons, pharmacies, cafes, hotels, licensed clubs, mowing services, cleaners and gymnasiums (these are simply “examples” – there are many more of course!).

If you have customers buying your goods or services each week, fortnightly or monthly, this FFL option is the best one for you.

See Our “Money Back Guarantee” Offer – at base of this page. Now You Have No Risk Whatsoever!

Clients Get 10c Per Litre

Fuel Discount For Every $50 Spend!

And they come back to you for their cash rebate!

If you would like a queue of customers lining up at the door of your business, keep reading!

Because one of the most exciting features of this fuel discount program is that customers come back to your store or business to claim their cash rebate!

No wonder some retailers are heralding this promotional concept as the “8th Wonder Of The World!”

And now that the regulatory body, the ACCC, has capped the Woolworths and Coles fuel discount at 4 cents per litre, you can have a “unique selling point” that the big supermarkets can never match!

Unlike the supermarket programs where consumers don’t get the fuel discount benefit on a proportionate basis to their spend, Fuel For Less provides your clients with an “ongoing incentive” to be loyal to your business – because they are enjoying increased benefits on a proportionate basis to their spend.

This is a huge differential from the supermarket programs, where you can spend $30 or $500 and yet get the same moderate 4c per litre fuel discount.

The Fuel For Less Program runs for 90 day periods, so that customers are stimulated to spend regularly with you and also to negate for you, any long-term exposure to fuel discount claims.

It means that within your 12 months FFL License, customers’ account balances revert to zero at the end of every 3 months and everything starts all over again.

image_07image_12image_16 Customers present their fuel receipt & Membership Card to you when claiming their cash rebate.image_18

And The Great Thing About Fuel For Less For You Is That It:

  • Acts as a huge customer attraction technique for your business
  • Stimulates loyalty through “repetitive trade” (because clients are coming back regularly to get more fuel discounts!)
  • Forces customers to come back to your business to collect their fuel discount “cash rebate!” How good is that!!

    And it gets better…..our case studies have shown that most customers get their cash rebate and then immediately spend it at the business! Therefore, your “cost” of giving the fuel discount is even smaller!

Your Customers’ Expenditure Is Cumulative!

Clients don’t have to spend $50 or more in the one transaction. They can spend any amount of money on their individual transactions.

On each occasion, they present their FFL Membership Card and you scan their barcode with your iPad or iPhone.(See the short video below to see how this is done at the point of purchase.)

Therefore, each purchase is recorded against their specific FFL account.

So if Mrs Jones spends $16 with your business today and presents her FFL Membership Card, you scan the barcode and record her purchase and then press the “Send” icon on your iPad or iPhone – and her purchase is automatically credited to her FFL Account.

This means Mrs Jones can accumulate her various individual purchases throughout the 3 month period and whenever she wants to claim a fuel discount, she would check her FFL Account Balance online and determine what level of fuel discount she’s entitled to.

The great thing for Mrs Jones is that her expenditure is cumuletive! And that means “STRONGER LOYALTY” to your business!

Mrs Jones can use a Fuel For Less App to check her balance online at anytime.

Mrs Jones Can Accumulate Her Purchases Over The Quarter!

If for example, Mrs Jones had spent the following amounts over a number of weeks ($20, $30, $50, $60), her total FFL account balance would be $160.

Customers present their fuel receipt & Membership Card to you when claiming their cash rebate.

This means that if she was to check her FFL Account Balance at this point, she would be eligible for 30c per litre fuel discount(because she has 3 increments of $50 within her $160 balance, meaning she gets 3 x the 10c per litre fuel discount – ie: 30 cents per litre).

After she has claimed the 30c per litre rebate & therefore used up $150 of her FFL account

balance (in other words, she got 50 litres x 30c as a cash rebate, totalling $15), her Account Balance will revert to $10.

She can continue to purchase goods or services with you throughout the 3 month period and build her balance up again – and whenever she wants, can claim the appropriate fuel discount at that time.

Remember, for every $50 in her FFL account balance, she is eligible for a claim of 10 cents per litre (up to 50 litres per claim). It’s as simple as that.

It’s sort of like a points accreditation system where you can cash your points in at any time – only in this case, one’s fuel discount level is determined by the balance of the amount of dollars they have in their FFL Account.


Watch this short video to see how easy

the process is at the point of sale!


Customers Come Back To You For Their Cash Rebate!

If there were Academy Awards for “client attraction ideas,” Fuel For Less would have to be given an Oscar!

Not only is it a massive initial drawcard for one’s business, but because customers are coming back to you for cash rebates, it’s a sensational repetitive trade stimulant that has no equal.

And you’ve got the opportunity of getting postcode exclusivity for your business category – for a jaw-dropping customer stimulant that is up to 25 times more attractive than Woolworths or Coles can offer.

Let’s just repeat that so it’s very clear.

The ACCC has capped Woolworths and Coles fuel discount to just 4 cents per litre.

You can give 10 cents, 20 cents, 50 cents and up to a dollar per litre fuel discounts to your customers, with the comfort of knowing that the big supermarkets can never match your “discount magnetism!”

Yes Mr Big Supermarket….it’s payback time!

Retailers have told us that the cash rebate scenario instore is “rocket-fuel” to their business, as the majority of their customers actually spend most of their cash rebates on the spot!

Of course, this means the retailer is enjoying “more profit margin,” as the rebate isn’t really 10% of sales anymore! – it’s more likely somewhere near 5%!

Wiggly Tail Butchery in NSW is one such retailer & owner, Kerry Buttsworth, is over the moon with this “store redemption” fuel discount rebate system.

He says “I give Mrs Smith her $20 FFL cash rebate across the counter & she immediately gives it back to me & spends it my butchery. Can’t get any better than that!”

Watch the short video to the right & see butcher, Kerry Buttsworth, explain how customers “spend” their cash rebate on meat as soon as he gives the money to them!

This means his “cost” of the fuel rebate is nearer to just 5% of his sale price, because most customers immediately give him the money back!

Imagine increasing your sales by 30%, 50% or even 100% – & the actual “cost” of your fuel rebates is only 5% of your sale price!


“I Give Them Their Cash Rebate & They
Give It Straight Back To Me!”
Watch the 23 second video below


Watch this video to see how delighted he is with building a loyal database of customers who return over & over again!

image_38image_41image_43Your customers can get their fuel from any outlet.image_45image_48

Customers Can Go To Any Fuel Outlet!

One of the fantastic features of our Fuel For Less Client Attraction program is that the whole process is so easy for your customers.

Unlike the supermarket fuel discount programs (which remember are now capped at 4 cents per litre discount!), customers can go to any fuel outlet they want.

They don’t need to specifically go to Caltex, Shell, BP or any other brand.

They can go to the local non-branded fuel outlet down the road if they want to.

This means that your customers can enjoy the flexibility of being able to get their fuel from an outlet that they may have a long-standing relationship with and still enjoy the sizzling fuel discount you are offering!

As you can see, we’ve gone out of our way to make this “fuel discount juggernaut” not only the most unbelievable customer magnet you have ever seen, but also ensuring that it’s easy for your customers to enjoy.

Once again let us repeat this major attractive feature of the program – your customers can go to any fuel outlet they want.

They simply keep their fuel receipt so that they can present this to you when claiming their cash rebate at your business.

Imagine Never Having To Promote On Price Ever Again!

If you’re sick of having to market on “price,” this incredible Loyalty Program will be music to your ears.

At last, you can forget about having to keep up with your competitors down the road in terms of “price.”

You’ll have the world’s best “fuel discount program” and they won’t!

In other words, you won’t have to dramatically drop prices to match their offers – you’ll have a “value-add” promotional program which takes the consumers’ eyes OFF THE PRICE!

McDonald’s have been successfully taking our eyes off the price for decades – via “value-add bonuses” with various meals (free toy with Happy Meal, free Coke glasses with a Big Mac Meal etc).

Now it’s your turn to maintain margin by “taking their eyes off the price!”

Your competitors won’t have a chance of competing – after all, how on earth could they ever combat the lure of 10 cents, 20 cents, 50 cents or more per litre fuel discounts?

As you can see from the Macquarie University study we referred to on our homepage, supermarket “fuel discounts” are more popular in Australia than the FlyBuys program!!

So if you have this magnetic loyalty program for your business, it’s highly unlikely that your competitors will ever be able to combat it.

Why? Because YOUR fuel discount program is a “loyalty system” on steroids!

Exclusivity For Your Industry

The FFL License is available for around a few hundred dollars per week, probably less than what you’d expect to pay a school-leaving “junior” in your business.

So it’s “crazily good value!”

And it gets better – we offer exclusivity for each industry on a postcode basis.

In other words, if you’re a bakery & you invest in our FFL License, you get “exclusivity” for the “bakery industry” in your postcode! In other wprds, no other bakery in your postcode can get a licence for the FFL program.

It’s yet another way of us helping you to get the most out of this “sales dynamo.”


It Builds A Valuable Database For You!

(Customer Relationship Management)

Yet another benefit for you is that because customers need to register online in order to claim their fuel discount rebates, you’ll be quickly collecting a valuable database!

Wiggley Tail Butchery in regional NSW collected over 10,000 names & contact details in just 12 months & is now benefitting from being able to contact them regularly via email & SMS – communicating FFL messages & various offers.

Whenever the owner wants to quickly stimulate trade, he simply sends out an “offer” by email to “some” or “all” of his list – or he sends a text message.

Automated CRM System!
(Customer Relationship Management)

We have an automated FFL email and text system that comes with the License.

You let us know how often you’d like emails and text to go to your database & we’ll schedule them accordingly.

The emails highlight the customer’s FFL account balance & reminds them of their current “fuel discount” eligibility.

We also give you access to an amazing “new” SMS technology where you can send text messages to your customers, with such messages being a full colour “landing page!” (like a webpage!)

This groundbreaking technology allows you to regularly promote “special offers” AND your “fuel discount program!”

Keep in mind that research shows 90% of text messages get opened within 3 minutes – so this communications medium is “rocket-fuel” for your promotion! (excuse the pun!)

As you can see, we’ve thought of “everything.” This is a multi-dimensional customer magnet that is so simple to run – as all the hard yards have been done for you. It’s a complete package ready for you to exploit! But you better hurry – before your postcode gets snapped up by your competitor!

phone_03Imagine enjoying a 90% “open rate” of your texts within 3 minutes!! And your texts look like a “webpage!” This is a “sales stimulant” on steroids!

Incredible Text Message System To Your Customers Instantly Builds Sales!

Watch the video below to see how our phenomenal SMS system can INSTANTLY stimulate trade for you!

Did you know that 90% of all text messages are opened within 3 minutes?

That’s why our SMS “reminder system” is so powerful in stimulating immediate reaction for you!

You’ll see in the video below that “our” SMS’s ARE VERY DIFFERENT – when a link is clicked on the text message, the person then sees a “colour landing page” that “SELLS!”

We can automate your SMS messages to go out to your customers as often as you want – it can feature “special offers” you might have, plus FFL reminders.

Watch the video below to see how it works!

Each time this retailer sends a phone text message to his database of customers, HE MAKES MORE SALES through getting “instant responses!” He says “it’s so easy to stimulate new sales whenever I want to – it’s just amazing because the response is INSTANT!”

Unbelievable Money Back Guarantee

We’re going to do what no one else will do. We’re SO confident that Fuel For Less program will send your revenue through the roof, that if you don’t increase your sales by at least 4 times your investment with us, WE’LL GIVE YOUR LICENSE FEE BACK TO YOU! Here’s how this works:unnamed
  • Invest in the FFL program, follow the system we provide - distribute the explanatory brochures via letterbox drop, have the same brochures in-store on your counter for customers, put the pull-up banners in or outside your shop, display the posters & HAND OUT THE MEMBERSHIP CARDS to every customer.
  • Then if this fuel discount program doesn’t make you at least 4 times your investment in the license, email us & tell us it didn’t work & you’d like your “license” money back.
  • But understandably, this “money back guarantee” is based on “fair-play”. To qualify for getting your license fee back, you need to prove to us that you applied all the actions we describe in our system (in other words, you did your best to make it work - you distributed the brochures, dressed up your store with the appropriate display material & handed out Membership Cards to all customers etc). But if you “ticked all the boxes” & followed “the system” & didn’t increase your sales by 4 times your “license investment”, we’re happy to refund your money promptly!NOW “THAT” SHOWS YOU HOW CONFIDENT WE ARE OF THIS LOYALTY PROGRAM SKYROCKETING SALES & PROFITS FOR YOU!

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