Q: How Do I Know Which Fuel For Less Program Will Suit My Business?

A:There are two main versions of the Fuel For Less program. The RETAIL Program which suits retail businesses with modest, but regular transactions – and the BIG TICKET program which suits businesses with “one-off” larger transactions.

The RETAIL Program is the most suitable program for businesses whose customers buy from them reasonably often. With this option, you specify to your clients that their purchases made during a 3 month period accumulate – and they are entitled to claim the fuel discount every time their spending exceeds $50. They do not have to wait until the end of a month or a quarter.

Your customers have a choice. They can keep claiming their rebate every time their expenditure hits $50 – or they can let their FFL Account balance grow and claim bigger rebates later.

You’ll be able to offer your customers fuel discounts of 10 cents, 20 cents, 50 cents or more per litre, which is a massive increase over the supermarkets’ modest 4 cents per litre offer!

The BIG TICKET Program suits businesses where the value of the product or service is large and generally the customers buy once – or if more often, there are months or years between transactions.

You will be able to offer them fuel discounts for a specified number of weeks.

In other words, your customers get a “one-off” bonus of a certain level of fuel discount for a certain number of weeks. (See BIG TICKET menu tab for more details)

Q: If I’m using the Retail Program, how do my customers claim reimbursement of their fuel discounts?

A: If you’re a retailer using the Retail Program, your customers return to your shop to make their claim.

Not only is it a massive initial drawcard for your business, but because customers come back to you for their cash rebates, it’s a sensational “repetitive trade” stimulant that has no equal.

And it gets better…..our case studies have shown that most customers get their cash rebate and then immediately spend it at the business, increasing the average spend from that customer.

Plus your “cost” of giving the fuel discount rebate then becomes even smaller!

Q: If I’m using the Big Ticket Program, how do my customers claim their fuel discount rebates?

A: Your customers claim online either via their personal PC or the special smartphone app we give them.

The process is very easy. They login to www.fuelforless.com.au , select the fuel discounts they’re claiming, submit a photo of the fuel receipt and submit.

Then depending on the reimbursement method they chose, the funds are transferred using PayPal, Bank Transfer or even a good old-fashioned cheque in the mail.

Q: If I choose the Retail Program, can I stop the promotion at any time?

A: Yes you can. However, the idea of a loyalty program is to keep the scheme running, so that you encourage your customers to keep returning to your business, rather than shopping at competitors’ stores.

Our recommendation is to keep the loyalty program going and not stop and start.

Q: If I’m using the Big Ticket Program, can I stop the promotion at any time?

A: Yes you can. In fact this program is amazingly flexible:

  • You can even select a specific product group to promote. (For example, you might want to promote solar hot water systems and not traditional gas or electrical systems)
  • You also have the ability to choose specific time spans for your promotions. (For example, you may promote air conditioners only during the summer months and heaters during winter)
Q: Can I alter the “cents per litre” discount offer?

A: The Retail Program is built around the principle that for every $50 a customer spends in your shop, they get 10 cents per litre discount.

Unlike the supermarket programs where consumers don’t get the fuel discount benefit on a proportionate basis to their spend, Fuel For Less provides your clients with an “ongoing incentive” to be loyal to your business – because they are enjoying increased benefits on a proportionate basis to their spend.

If for example, a butcher’s customer spends over $150 during a month, she is entitled to a 30 cents per litre fuel discount. (Because there are 3 x $50 increments in $150 and therefore she gets 3 x 10 cents per litre fuel discounts – or 30 cents per litre)

This is a huge differential from the supermarket programs, where you can spend $30 or $500 and yet get the same moderate fuel discount of just 4 cents per litre.

The Big Ticket Program works differently – you simple determine what percentage of your sale price you want to devote to a fuel discount – and we’ll then help you create a powerful offer of “X cents” for “X number of weeks!”

Q: I don’t operate a shopfront business, mine is “online’. Can I still use the Fuel For Less program?

A: Yes you definitely can. The program works exactly the same, the only difference is the way the sales data is transferred to the Fuel For Less system.

Technically all you need is a minor modification to your website to collect the few transaction details Fuel For Less needs.

We provide you with all the relevant instructions to pass onto your webmaster.

So Fuel For Less can work just as well for an “online business.”

* See the BIG TICKET page for details of this.

Q: With the Retail program, will I be able to easily handle the processing during busy times of the day?

A: Most definitely. The system only requires a few quick taps on the iPad or smartphone screen to add a transaction to your customer’s account. We have retail clients processing up to 200 transactions per day.

We’ll walk you through this when you join the program.

Q: Why does the Retail Program “reset” every 3 months?

A: The Fuel For Less Program is an ongoing loyalty program which is broken into 90 day intervals.

It means that your customers’ account balances revert to zero at the end of the third month and any unused expenditure is reset to zero – and everything starts all over again.

There are a couple of reasons for doing this.

Firstly, customers are stimulated to spend more regularly with you, as there is motivation for them to spend a bit more and not waste their unused purchases. Secondly, it also negates any long-term exposure you might have to unused fuel discount claims.

Q: In the Retail Program, is there a “limit” to the “cents per litre” I can offer?

A: The largest individual discount a client can claim on the one fuel receipt is $1 per litre.

We’ve created this “cap” purely for practical reasons. It means that if someone spends $550 with you, they’re eligible to claim $1 per litre discount against one fuel receipt and 10c per litre discount on another fuel receipt.

So they still get their full 100c per litre per $50 entitlement – they simply claim their rebate over 2 fuel receipts.

We’ve “capped” the “per litre discount” at $1 so that:

  1. It’s easy for consumers to understand
  2. It’s easy for you, as a retailer, to communicate

It simply means that if a customer reaches $500 in their FFL Account with you, they’re entitled to $1 per litre fuel rebate (up to 50 litres maximum).

And if they have $700 in their FFL Account, they’re entitled to 2 claims:

  • One at $1 per litre ($500 ÷ $50 = Ten x 10c)
  • One at 40c per litre ($200 ÷ $50 = Four x 10c)
Q: How long do my customers discount entitlements last?

A: Each fuel discount entitlement issued to your customers has a 60 day limit.

At the end of 60 days if your customer has not claimed, that entitlement expires and is no longer available.

To make sure your customers are given every opportunity to benefit from their fuel discount, we automatically email them reminders at intervals during the 60 days.

Q: My average transaction size is a lot less than $50, so how do my customers earn a fuel discount?

A: You will be using the Retail Program.

In this program, customers don’t have to spend $50 or more in the one transaction. They can spend any amount of money in each individual transaction. Each purchase is recorded against their FFL account and accumulated.

So if Mrs Jones spends $16 with your business today and another $23 tomorrow – and returns in three days time and spends $38, her total spend is now $77.

If she were to check her FFL Account Balance at this point, she would be eligible for 10c per litre fuel discount, because she has spent over $50.

After she has claimed the 10c per litre rebate & therefore used up $50 of her FFL account balance (in other words, she got 50 litres x 10c as a cash rebate, totalling $5), her ongoing Account Balance will revert to $27.

She can continue to purchase goods or services with you throughout the 3 month period and build her balance up again – and whenever she wants, can claim the appropriate fuel discount at that time.

Remember, for every $50 in her FFL account balance, she is eligible for a claim of 10 cents per litre (up to 50 litres per claim). It’s as simple as that.

It’s sort of like a points accreditation system where you can cash your points in at any time – only in this case, one’s fuel discount level is determined by the balance of the amount of dollars they have in their FFL Account.

Q: Do my customers have to get their fuel from special petrol outlets that support your program?

A: No they don’t.

One of the fantastic features of our Fuel For Less client attraction program is that the whole process is so easy for your customers.

Unlike the supermarket fuel discount programs (which are now capped at 4 cents per litre discount!), customers can go to any fuel outlet they want.

They don’t need to specifically go to Caltex, Shell, BP or any other brand.

They can go to the local non-branded fuel outlet down the road if they want to.

This means that your customers can enjoy the flexibility of being able to get their fuel from an outlet that they may have a long-standing relationship with and still enjoy the fuel discount you are offering!

Q: I’ve noticed other loyalty schemes sign up as many business as they can in a location, which means I’m no different from any other business in my area, still fighting for the same customers. Does Fuel For Less Retail Program operate the same way?

Definitely not! We offer exclusivity for each “industry-type” on a postcode basis.

In other words, if you’re a bakery & you invest in our FFL License, you get “exclusivity” for the “bakery industry” in your postcode! No other baker can use the fuel For Less Program in your postcode.

It’s yet another way of us helping you to get the most out of this “sales dynamo.”

*You can gain the FFL License for multiple postcodes – just ask for details when you enquire.

Q: I currently don’t have a customer database and I would like to build one. Can Fuel For Less help me?

A: Another benefit for you is that because customers need to register their personal details in order to claim their fuel discount rebates, you’ll be quickly collecting a valuable database!

A butchery client in regional NSW collected over 10,000 names & contact details in just 12 months & is now benefitting from being able to contact these customers regularly via email & SMS – communicating FFL messages & various offers.

Whenever he wants to quickly stimulate trade, he simply sends out an “offer” by email to “some” or “all” of his list. We also have an automated FFL email system that comes with the License, which means we can send emails to your database as often as you like (giving customers updates on their account balance).

There is also a special report function in the system which gives you access to the complete list of your customers names, addresses, mobile numbers and email addresses, so you can analyse their spending levels and buying habits.

Q: I sell high value products and couldn’t afford to offer 10 cents per litre for every $50 spent. How can Fuel For Less work for me?

A: The Big Ticket Program is ideal for a business with high value transactions.

The great thing for you is the “weekly fuel discount bonus” will be perceived by consumers as far more valuable than a 5% or 10% discount!

But the reality is that the “fuel discount bonus” is only costing you whatever percentage of your sale you wish to devote to the program (ie: 2.5%, 5% or 7.5% for example).

You simply tell us what percentage of your sale price you wish to devote to the fuel discount system and we’ll recommend the “per litre discount level and the number of weeks of the benefit.”

You see, the actual “discount per litre” and “number of weeks” are variables which can be adjusted according to your FFL budget.

You might like to provide 10 cents per litre each week for a longer period – or alternatively, you may care to have a higher “cents per litre discount” over a shorter period.

The great thing about the FFL Weekly Rewards system is that it is very flexible and can be tailor-made to suit the nature of your business and the profile of your consumers.

Q: If I’m using the Big Ticket program, how do my customers access their fuel discount entitlements?

A: Based on the parameters of your promotion, FFL automatically issues one new fuel discount entitlement each week of the promotion. Once you have processed the original purchase, there is nothing more for you to do.

For example, let’s say your offer is a 25 cents per litre fuel discount for 26 weeks (6 months), when a customer purchases a large screen TV from you.

The FFL system will issue 1 x 25 cents per litre discount entitlement to the consumer each week for 26 weeks.

That means the customer could claim 25c x 50 litres ($12.50) each week for 26 weeks.

Cost to you would be $12.50 x 26 = $325.

Q: If the Big Ticket Program issues my customer a new discount entitlement each week, this could accumulate into a huge liability. How do you prevent that from happening?

A: That’s the reassuring thing about FFL, we’ve got your back covered when it comes to “unclaimed rebates.”

Fuel discount claims can NEVER accumulate to an “out-of-control” level.

Unclaimed fuel discount entitlements expire 60 days from the date of issue.

Q: What happens if my customer has a fuel tank bigger than 50 litres?

A: Your customers discount claim is always limited to 50 litres.

Therefore, if your customer lodges a fuel docket with 65 litres, the Fuel For Less system calculates their refund based on 50 litres and not the 65 litres on the fuel receipt.

Alternatively, if your customer lodges a claim using a fuel receipt with less than 50 litres then FFL calculates the claim based on the exact number of litres on the fuel docket.

For example, if Mr Brown is entitled to a 10 cent per litre claim and lodges a fuel receipt with 43 litres recorded on the docket, his reimbursement would be limited to $4.30 (43 litres x 10 cents) and not the maximum possible claim of $5 (50 litres x 10 cents)

Q: How do I use Fuel For Less to attract new customers to my business?

A: It should be noted that the Fuel For Less team boasts many years in the marketing arena and therefore has developed the fuel discount program as a powerful “direct response” promotion.

Considerable time, money and resources have gone into developing the marketing templates for this customer attraction program. We have carefully crafted the appropriate wording and graphics of each advertising component.

So when you join the program, we recommend that you use the advertising templates we provide.

Unlike other promotional programs which only allow a business to do limited marketing to an existing data base of “possible customers”, Fuel For Less gives you postcode exclusivity for your industry-type and a marketing system to excite customers who are near your business.


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