Advertising Swipe File


To make things as easy as possibMedia Releasele for you, we’ve created a Swipe File of promotional and advertising templates.

We’ve covered both offline and online media and all you need to do is “personalize” the artwork or written collateral.

Given that this fuel discount program is likely to be the most powerful “client attraction promotion” you’ve ever launched, we hope you support it with the appropriate “marketing noise” in the marketplace!

After all, you can’t sell a secret – so hopefully you’re so excited that you’re going to be beating your drums loud!!

Fuel For Less could be “the customer client attraction concept” that changes your business forever, so make sure you support it with promotion and advertising from day one.

It can only reach its potential if you market the offer appropriately – so go forth



(provided as part of a DL Carrier Card format)

A major component of your Fuel For Less “customer attraction program” is the Membership Card.

You need to hand-out as many Membership Cards as you can, as they are a “customer magnet”.

The idea is for the Membership Cards to influence customers to come back to your business regularly in order to spend more – so they get more fuel discounts!

Remember, each card is individually identified by a barcode & each customer’s purchases are credited to his or her FFL account by you scanning the barcode with your iPad.

The actual “credit card size” Membership Card comes as a “pop-out” component of a larger DL Carrier Card, which contains full details of the fuel discount program.

This means that when you give one of these to your customer, he or she can easily read all the details of the program on the DL Carrier Card.

Trust us, this will save you a lot of time, as the DL Carrier Card does “all the explaining” for you!

(You can imagine the amount of verbal explanation you’d need to give if you just handed out the smaller card by itself!)

Customers simply punch-out the smaller card & retain that in their wallet or purse – so they can present it when purchasing things at your business (see video on Homepage titled “See How It Works”).

FFL-Promotion-Card Customers simply punch-out the Membership Card from the larger DL Carrier Card & keep it in their wallet or purse.
FFL_HandCard_BACK Each Membership Card has a unique barcode, meaning that every customer’s purchases can be credited to their individual FFL Account.

Website Page

(explaining the incentive to customers)

We want to make things as easy as possible for you, so we’ve created a webpage that “explains” the whole program.

It’s at and you can simply invite your customers to visit the site to gain all the details.

Included on this webpage is an “explanatory video” that covers everything about the fuel discount program.

You don’t have to lift a finger!

If you have a website, you may like to “create a link” to this webpage or even include the page in your website – the choice is yours.

(Remember, we also provide you with FFL Promo Banners for placement on your homepage – so if you have a website, visitors can simply click on the banner & go straight to our “explanatory page”.)

Includes this explanatory video on the webpage
You get this video as part of your webpage,
explaining the Fuel For Less Program.



We have created a webpage for these options & they can be provided to you upon request.


Website Homepage Promo Banners

Here’s promotional banners for you to place on the homepage of your website, highlighting the incentive to your customers and inviting them to click for more information.

You’ll see here that we’ve created a “header banner” that would be suitable for the top of your website homepage.

It would be pretty hard for any of your customers to miss this, that’s for sure!

You’ll also see that we’ve created other banners that you can use throughout the website or on your homepage – it’s entirely up to you.

Frankly, we encourage you to place these banners not just on your homepage, but as often as you can throughout your website, reminding your website visitors of this unbelievable discount bonus!

See below a few of website homepages featuring the banners.

You’ll see from this that you have lots of flexibility of using the banners, so let your “entrepreneurial flair” go crazy and make sure your website becomes a “live” promotional vehicle for your Fuel For less Program.

carpet dentist
FFLaffiliateBanner_SKYSC We’ve given you a portrait version so that you can use this not only on your website homepage but also throughout your site!
webbanner You may care to even rotate these banners and use different ones on your Homepage throughout the promotion?
FFLBanner-For-Website This banner is perfect anywhere on your website homepage. You may even care to repeat this banner a number of times on your homepage.
FFLaffiliateBanner_LEADER This would be a perfect banner to put just underneath your menu tab at the top of your homepage – this way you’ll be attracting the attention of website visitors right away.

Letterbox Brochure

Remember, you can’t sell a secret!

So with your Fuel For Less license, we provide you with a quantity of DL sized brochures, printed both sides – so you can spread the good news!!.

We recommend that you distribute these to as many people as you possibly can.

Why? Because this brochure tells them all about your exciting “fuel discount offer” and provides them with the website URL that they can go to for more information –

We suggest that you feature this brochure in a plastic stand on your counter (or multiple plastic stands on your counter!), so that it is in clear vision of consumers at all times when they visit your store.

Whilst your first quantity of these Information Brochures comes with your license, we encourage you to think about printing more so that you can “letterbox distribute” them to homes in your local vicinity.

Smart retailers normally launch our Fuel For Less program with a letterbox drop to 10,000, 20,000 or 30,000 homes around their store, immediately gaining attention and traction in the market place.

And again, remember that the brochure highlights to consumers that they can go to for more information.

You’ll see there’s a space for your “ID” at the base of the front of the flyer.



It’s absolutely vital that your store is a living and breathing promotional juggernaut for your Fuel For Less program!

In other words, you want to make sure that anyone who walks within a few meters of your shop is mesmerised by your “point of sale material” urging them to buy from you.

So we’ve included 2 pull-up banners for you to display at your store, both designs you can see here.
You may choose to have one inside your shop and the other outside?
And if you need further banners and really want to “go to town” with your point of sale, additional ones available at $197 each.


We also provide you with half a dozen of each of the three display posters you see below. These are for your shop windows or perhaps behind your counter – each are A3 size. Again, we can’t stress enough the absolute importance of dressing up your shop appropriately with such display material.

After all, you want anyone to “stop in their tracks” if they happen to be heading to Woolworths and Coles. Your fuel offer blitzes the big supermarkets’ version, so let’s make sure you tell passing customers about it loud and clear!

This is a sample of how you can use the pull-up banner for marketing your Fuel For Less program.

Email Blast (or direct Mail Letter)

Here’s a direct mail template that you can use for an email blasts to your database – or if you prefer to send snail mail, the same text can apply.

The note is to alert your database to the extraordinary fuel discount offer which is now available to them.

Suggest that you send this note as part of your launch strategy.


TV Ad Script

Here’s a 30 sec script for a TV commercial. Just in case your business happens to be in a region where television advertising is affordable.

We realise that for city-based businesses. It’s unlikely that television advertising is on your agenda, simply because of the cost.

However in regional areas like small towns, we understand that many retailers and small businesses are able to promote their merchandise and services on TV.

So we put together a TV commercial script that you may care to use.

Here’s a sample TV commercial using the script to the right – can you imagine any other bakery in town having a hope of combating this incredible “lead-generating & loyalty program?” From the moment the Fuel For Less promotion starts for any business, it’s GAME OVER for any competitor!
Here’s an example of a TV advertisement for a regional butchery. You’ll note the clever use of “customer endorsements” – very powerful.

Radio Ad Scripts

Here is a 30 sec, 60 sec & 90 sec radio script, together with some sample “produced advertisements.”

If your business is in a regional area and radio advertising is affordable, it can be very powerful and communicating the benefits of this incredible program.

In the case of Wiggly Tail Butchery in regional New South Wales, the business uses radio every week and targets the Breakfast and Drive programs (because of the larger audiences).

You’ll note the 90 sec ad is an “interview style” format – which is VERY powerful, as it doesn’t come across as “an ad,” but rather an “interview” on air.

Below are some radio ad scripts that cleverly use the nature of the retail businesses to further bring attention to the sensational “Value” of the fuel discount program.

You’ll see that the ads refer to the actual business’s products as being “fuel” for one’s vehicle!

Remember, advertising is all about capturing your audiences’ attention, so some” tongue-in-cheek” banter is often appropriate!

imgs_48imgs_47 Sample execution of the 30 sec script template-this one being for a butcher! imgs_50imgs_49

Media Release

Here’s a media release that you may care to forward to newspapers, radio and TV station, local online news sites and any other places you feel can spread the word for you.


Press Ads

Here’s 3 Full Page Tabloid ads – they can be reduced in size if you wanted to place smaller version in the newspaper.

Choose from these 3 Tabloid advertisement options. Two of the ads provide the details of “how” the promotional offer works. And one of the ads allows you to include your own copy.

imgs_58 7cm x 7cm columns ad for tabloid paper imgs_59 10cm x 7cm columns ad for tabloid paper

Smaller Press Ads

Here’s 3 smaller press templates for you to use. We realise that from time to time, you may wish to promote the fuel discount program via smaller ads in the local paper. So we have provided you with these three options, all sized to suit tabloid newspapers.

38cm x 3cm columns ad for tabloid paper. With this one, you have some extra space to perhaps provide more details about the promotion.

Samples and References

Here are some samples of executions for your reference some might spark some ideas that you can borrow!

Given that the price of fuel is on the tip of everyone’s tongue these days, feel welcome to add your own creativity to making noise for this spectacular customer attraction program!!

Please note that these samples are not necessarily related to your industry, nor are they necessarily “branded” Fuel For Less.

They are “fuel discount” promotions that John Dwyer (creator of “Fuel For Less”) devised for clients.

The Greater Building Society concept resulted in the financial institution breaking all records in terms of “home loans” – when the TV commercials hit the screen, the society’s switchboard “melted.”

Maybe some of these sample advertisements and photographs could be the inspiration you’re looking for!

Here’s the innovative TV commercials the Greater Building Society used as part of its marketing campaign for the “fuel discount” home loan offer. Enjoy watching!
Here’s the innovative TV commercials the Greater Building Society used as part of its marketing campaign for the “fuel discount” home loan offer. Enjoy watching! logo Individual logos for use in advertising material.
imgs_60 imgs_61 The Greater Building Society used fuel discounts to stimulate home loans – and the result of the first 2 weeks of the program? The biggest increase in home loans in the history of the financial institution! Now that’s what we call “fuelling new business!!” imgs_64 Here’s a new way of creating “loyalty” & “upsell” for a Pizza Business! We produced this artwork for take-away cartons for pizzas. One thing’s for sure, if these pizzas were delivered to your door, you’re certainly going to know about the ‘fuel discount bonus!” imgs_65 Pylon tower sign with sky background providing a good contrast
imgs_66 The redemption booth & point of sale material for a shopping centre. This display unit is for the mall, so that shoppers can present their receipts to the hostess for their fuel rebates. imgs_69 Real estate agent making the most of his press advertisement! And see the left hand page of the newspaper -free “editorial exposure!” Why? Because journalists are always looking for something “different!” And THIS fuel discount incentive is very different!!
imgs_67 An entrepreneurial real estate agent using Fuel For Less to attract more listings. Result? His appraisals increased sixfold in the first month & he enjoyed a record number of new listings in the 4th week of the program! imgs_68 The real estate agent’s marketing collateral – pull-up banners, letterbox flyers & direct mail letters. When you have a promotional program this hot, make sure you “sing about it from the rooftops»
Other real estate agents who used a somewhat different style press advertisement to market the fuel discount offer.

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