Principal of The Institute of Wow, John Dwyer, is regarded as Australia’s Leading Business Marketer.


John is mostly known as “JD” and his sales-stimulating ideas for businesses have blown the lid off conventional marketing.

In recent years he has scored none other than superstar, Jerry Seinfeld, as spokesman for the marketing campaign of one of his clients – the Greater Building Society.


This was a coup of epic proportions and shows why John is a much sought–after marketing guru. He thinks very differently from most marketing advisers and the results of his innovative concepts speak for themselves!

His company, The Institute of Wow, specialises in developing “outside the square” marketing strategies that have “wow” and provides clients with a powerful “point of difference” from their competitors.

Having been in a Woolworths senior management role many years ago, John is very familiar with the organisation and its magic carpet ride with the fuel discount promotion since 1996.

Combining his knowledge of the supermarket program with his innovative promotional thinking, he has developed this incredible Fuel For Less marketing concept which he describes as “one of the best customer drawcards he has ever designed!”

Everyone knows that fuel discounts are a winning “customer magnet” – yet only the big supermarket chains have seemingly exploited this turbo-charged customer drawcard.

John comments “I think perhaps most businesses perceive that the fuel discount promotion is out of their league, because they don’t have any association with a particular fuel company.

Most businesses probably also consider a fuel rebate bonus to clients as being something that would be wildly expensive.

That’s why our Fuel For Less program is so clever.

The fuel rebate for a business costs only a maximum of 10% of the sale and clients can get their fuel from any petrol station in Australia – hence why the concept is so brilliant!”


Where did John start his


Born and raised in Sydney Australia, John gained his advertising and marketing degrees when in his twenties.

After spending some years in the marketing department with the giant Grace Bros retailer at Roselands in Sydney, John was offered a national marketing management role in the Woolworths company.

During his time with both retail giants, he showcased his unique talents via many “value-add” marketing concepts, most resulting in an avalanche consumer response.

John was with Woolworths throughout the era when stamp collection promotions were in vogue. These were the days when consumers were encourage to fill Saver Sheets with stamps and then gain cookware and glassware sets for drastically reduced prices.

He showed that incredible customer loyalty could be gained as a result of such “continuity promotions” and it wasn’t long before he set up his own business specialising in such programs.


Along come John’s own agency –
Dynamic Ideas!

The next step for John was establishing his own Advertising/Marketing Agency in Sydney, appropriately called Dynamic Ideas.

It was during this time that John really “honed” his skills with wow factor marketing and “repetitive trade” concepts.

Contracted by the likes of News Ltd, the Nine Television Network, KFC and Westfield Shopping centres, John was kept busy devising marketing strategies to dramatically increase readers, audiences and customers.

After achieving spectacular results for such big guns, his reputation spread and it wasn’t long before his client list included ACP Magazines, 7-Eleven, Coca Cola, Video Ezy, Caltex and McDonalds.

His “wow factor” thinking had achieved some remarkable “runs on the board” and everyone wanted a taste of it.

After all, EVERY business would love to have the ability to turn on sales with the flick of a switch. And that’s what John was delivering to them!

Having created marketing concepts that had achieved hundreds of millions of dollars in sales for his clients, John then decided that he’d like to produce his own products so that he could enjoy a direct benefit from his “wow factor” marketing.

So he got into the Trading Card business, whilst still owning the marketing agency. (Which by this time had 25 staff.)

He gained licenses for popular sports and movies and quickly used his marketing prowess to take trading cards to a whole new level of importance with the target audience being teenage males.

By providing News Ltd Sunday newspapers with millions of free trading cards for weekend giveaways, John was successful in catapulting his cards from a young boy’s hobby to front page news.

In his first year, such promotional alliances helped John to increase sales of the NRL Rugby League cards from $2 million to $12 million – an incredible result!


(Particularly when you consider that Rugby League was only played in two states in Australia.)

After stitching up licensing deals with major players such as Disney, DreamWorks, Warner Bros and Fox, John produced many trading card themes from Jurassic Park to Aladdin and Lion King – all launched with the News Ltd promotional “wow” of free samples.


The secret to success for these products (aside from the strength of the licensed property) was the repetitive purchasing formula that was built into the trading card collections. Children needed to buy lots and lots of packs to collect the whole set!

It didn’t take long for John’s incredible sales results to reach the ears of publishers and John ultimately sold the company in the mid-90s to a consortium involved in the publishing game.


John now provides marketing coaching

to businesses of all sizes!


Given John’s expertise at both lead generation and the stimulus of repetitive trade, he is a much sought-after resource by companies throughout Australia and overseas.

There’s probably no one on the planet that comes close to having John’s experience and expertise at devising “artificial sales stimulants” for products and services.

He has that certain “X Factor” that you won’t find in a traditional advertising agency or marketing advisor. He has an uncanny ability to create powerful formulas and systems which stimulate instant sales and repetitive sales.

In the case of one of his large clients, the Greater Building Society, John developed a massively successful home loan promotion back in 2001, called “Get a Home Loan/Get a Free Holiday.”


This took the financial industry by storm and also took the big banks by surprise! For the first time anywhere in the world, a financial institution was giving its customers a free holiday with their home loan.

The concept attracted incredible publicity and resulted in the Greater Building Society increasing its home loans three-fold in just the first 18 months of running the promotion. And it gets better!

The promotion ran for 9 years and not once did the Greater ever advertise a home loan interest rate.

In other words, John devised a promotional concept which allowed the Greater to enjoy the luxury of never advertising a price for its product!

John often quotes McDonalds as being a master at this, as he explains “that at one stage in his life, he had 6 children under 12 and bought $5 Billion worth of McDonalds Happy Meals, yet he couldn’t tell you the price of them!”

Why? Because Maccas was clever enough to take his eyes off the price!

The point that John always makes is that it’s always better to create a marketing concept that “takes the consumers eyes off the price and onto the value”

John continues to do this for clients around the world these days and the Fuel For Less program is one of his most exciting examples of this compelling formula.

Imagine two motor car dealers across the road from each other, both selling a Toyota Camry for $30,000 this weekend.

One car dealer might advertise a 10% discount, whereas the other devotes 10% to a “Fuel Rebate Kitty” and promotes “buy a Toyota Camry from us this weekend and receive $1 per litre fuel discount every week for an entire year!” (cost? $2,600)

There’s no contest in terms of who would win this battle – the car dealer with the 12 months worth of fuel savings would render his competitors offer “invisible.”

And this is the magic in the Fuel For Less customer magnet. It takes the consumers eyes off the sale price and onto what appears to be an “extraordinary valuable bonus!”

So if you’re a business owner or manager who wants to distinguish yourself from your competitors, chances are the Fuel For Less program is the sensational customer drawcard promotion that you’ve been waiting for!


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